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Top Technology Updates in 2018 from all around the Globe
19.03.2018 15:52

Our lives nowadays revolve around technology. World comes to standstill without technology. Every little thing is connected with technology. It keeps us connected with the world with just a tap on our cell phone. We are dependent on technology for our work, our connectivity and bookings etc. Our lives are so intervened with technology that it is impossible to think a life for a moment without technology. Technology News is updated every now and then. Sports is also an integral part of our lives alongwith technology that keeps you always fit and on the go. Sports News 2018 always keeps abuzz with latest happening in the sports world. Top ten tales about technological updates in the world are as follows:

  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is delighted with Netflix performance in India has given credit to its success in India to India’s Reliance Jio Infocomm fast internet network that has made internet more accessible at lower price and has given boost to video streaming platforms like Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime video after a year of it Hindi language videos entry in India is looking forward to expand into India’s regional content. Successful in increasing number of customers after introducing Hindi language videos in its contents it has now set its eyes on regional cinema lovers.
  • Andre Agassi, a legendry tennis legend has teamed up with a startup Square Panda, to build a technology to make dyslexia-assessment game which is first ever in the history. Technology has a huge impact on the world and can work in an extensive way towards social causes.
  • In an effort to avoid accidents and prevent train derailments Indian railway is all set to include latest technology and thereby avoid its dependence on manual inspections and therefore improve track maintenance system of its rail network. All modern equipment’s for the rail inspection and maintenance to be cost around Rs.2, 726 Crores.
  • Ola, online taxi service is all set to enter international markets in Australia. After its successful entry in Sydney now it has started its operation in Perth. It has been successfully operating its service with flying colors.

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